How to Create Wealth Like the Forbes 100


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According to Forbes, the richest individual on the planet is Bernard Arnault, whose net worth is estimated to be 211 billion dollars as of November 2023. Have you ever wondered how the wealthiest people on the Forbes 100 list accumulate their wealth and if it is possible for an average person to replicate their success? In this course, Brighton Gbarazia, a former banker who has worked for some of Canada’s largest banks like Scotiabank and is also an author of Master Your Mortgage: What the Bank Will not Tell You About Buying a Home, delves into how the wealthy build their wealth and provides a template for anyone to follow to create wealth, much like the Forbes 100. This template is called YOU. Incorporated and details the mindset and behavioural changes required to build lasting wealth. Regardless of whether you are a minimum wage worker or an executive, this template can help you begin to create unlimited wealth, just like the Forbes 100.



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