How to Buy a Home the Right Way


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Buying a home today can make a significant difference between achieving financial freedom and being stuck in financial poverty. You cannot afford to buy a home and hope for the best. As home prices keep increasing, owning a home and buying it wrong can have a long-lasting impact on your life.


This course is designed to provide potential homebuyers or repeat buyers with practical information and steps to buy a home that works for them. The course is designed to help you avoid making the banks rich at your expense. Brighton Gbarazia, the author of the book “Master Your Mortgage: What the Bank Will Not Tell You About Buying the Right Home,” has worked for some of Canada’s largest banks, including Scotiabank and CIBC. He provides an honest and straightforward buying course to help anyone looking to buy a home learn everything they need to know.

The course covers the complete cost of homeownership, how to choose the right home to buy, and how to budget appropriately for your home purchase. This is a comprehensive course that you will not find anywhere else, and it is a must-take course if you want to buy a home and save thousands of dollars.


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