Master Your Mortgage: What the Bank Won’t Tell You About Buying a Home


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Buying a home might be the biggest mistake of your life. Think the bank is giving you a good deal in your mortgage? It’s time to take another look. The mortgage process is one of the most widely accepted—yet least understood—aspects of the home-buying journey for Canadians. In a rush of emotions, you stare at your freshly printed mortgage loan agreement, signing on all the dotted lines, perhaps without fully understanding what you’re agreeing to today, let alone the impact of your decision decades down the road. You trust the process, but what if the bank doesn’t have your best interest in mind? In Master Your Mortgage, Brighton Gbarazia writes out of more than a decade of firsthand experience as a financial advisor and underwriter working for some of the largest banks in Canada to guide you through what they won’t tell you. Master Your Mortgage invites you to:

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Discover what a bank is really looking for in a mortgage application.

Know the difference between affording your mortgage and getting it approved.

Understand how banks look at your income and avoid getting in over your head.

Learn why frequent refinance and debt consolidation helps the bank, not you…

This isn’t a book about real estate; it’s a book for real people. Discover the financial freedom that’s within reach in Master Your Mortgage!


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