Top 5 Qualities That Make a Great Business Leader

Leadership is a lot like driving. Some people are more careful and prefer an evenly-paced but smooth trip. Meanwhile, others are more willing to take risks and may take less-travelled routes or increase their speed to shorten the trip. Ultimately, it matters more that they can still be safe and sound at their destination.

However, if we’re talking about great business leadership, there are better ways to reach a goal. Besides reaching your destination, you also need to consider how you got there, the impact of your decisions on others, and the lessons you can learn from the journey. Whichever type of leader you are, here are five qualities you can emulate to become a good leader.

1. Visionary 

Everything starts with a vision. Great leaders have clear goals they want to achieve for the betterment of themselves and the whole organization. Great visionaries also need to be effective communicators. Since they understand that they cannot achieve their goals alone, they must communicate their vision to the team effectively.

This means clearly articulating the goals, the plan to reach them, and the expected results. It also means being able to explain the why behind the decisions. This helps bring everyone on the same page and helps them see their role in achieving the goals.

2. Empathetic

Great leaders can put themselves in their team members’ shoes and understand their needs and concerns. They can create a safe and trusting environment that encourages open communication and collaboration. While popular movies may have us believe that great leaders must always be rigid and unyielding, they must empathize with their team and recognize when they need extra support or assistance. 

3. Motivator

A great leader knows how to motivate and inspire their team to perform at their best. They provide clear expectations and set achievable goals that challenge the team while providing support and encouragement. 

4. Decision-Maker

While some leaders prefer to solicit opinions and ideas from their team, great leaders must be ready to provide clear direction when necessary and bring order to a divided house. A great leader is able to make sound decisions in a timely manner. They take into account the opinions and experiences of others, weigh the pros and cons, but they always make the best possible decision for the team. A leader paralyzed by indecision will find it challenging to lead successfully.

5. Accountable 

A great leader is accountable for their actions and takes responsibility for the successes and failures of their team. They are open to feedback and use it to improve their leadership skills. Additionally, they lead by example, and don’t consider themselves above the rules. If anything, they are the paragon of discipline and integrity. A great leader is not afraid to admit when they are wrong and take corrective action.

Most importantly, great business leaders inspire loyalty by showing people they have their skin in the game and will do whatever it takes to ensure the team’s success. Great leaders also hold their teams accountable for their actions, creating a culture of mutual trust and respect.


Great business leadership combines many qualities, such as communication, decision-making, trust, accountability, and problem-solving. A great leader can inspire their team to succeed while providing support and guidance. They can create a culture of mutual trust and respect while holding their team members accountable for their actions. By combining these qualities, great business leaders can ensure their team’s success and create a positive and productive work environment.

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