St Georges School

Founded in 1930 St. George's School is a world-class boys' university preparatory school situated in beautiful Vancouver, BC Canada. The school offers a diverse curriculum including 100+ courses, 24+AP subjects, 50+ clubs, and 35+ sport options. Our mission is to inspire our students to become fine young men who will shape positive futures for themselves, their families, and the global community.  We have a strong emphasis on character development beyond academics. Our graduates are young men who are able and willing to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world.  We use approaches that are specific to the unique learning styles of boys, and for over 90 years, we have seen first-hand the profound effect that a boys’-centered education has on our students. Our students are consistently shown how to apply learning in real life, problem-solving contexts as they seek authentic connections between their school life and the real world. They are encouraged to find a love of learning and their own voice, while simultaneously developing their independence, connectedness to the world, and sense of belonging within it.


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