Marielle de Vassoigne - Bilingual Leadership Coach

Individual and team coaching for your personal and professional transformation.

Available in English or French.

"Imagine turning your fears about the risks associated with change into impactful decisions and seizing opportunities."
This is what I offer you: Marielle de Vassoigne, Bilingual Leadership Coach and Change Specialist.

As an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) member of ICF, and with 20 years of experience in organizational change management, I will guide you to find your own answers. I will challenge you with kindness.

In our sessions, I become your partner to navigate obstacles, design new narratives and create your roadmap to success, together.

Take the first step today to unlock your true potential by booking a discovery session.

Let’s take a step back and a leap forward together. What's in it for you?

- Time invested in yourself and your success as you define it

- Partnership to co-create a non-judgmental ecosystem for your self-development

- Learning from your challenges to take action toward achieving your goals

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