LuMi Cosmetics

We are Lulu and Mimi, the C.E.O’s and face(s) of LuMi Cosmetics. We are teenagers passionate about making others look and feel good through our range of cosmetics and beauty products. We love to volunteer and give back to the community! We are passionate about creativity, artistry and have been making our own natural, organic skincare and hair care products for many years. Our beauty philosophy is deeply rooted, therefore starting our brand and birthing LuMi Cosmetics.

We are proud to say that we are young, vibrant entrepreneurs who have turned our passion into a business, and officially launched on August 27, 2022, after we won the Youth Entrepreneurship and Mentorship Program Award. Our brand is growing across Canada, USA, and Globally.

We are working on a unique top-notch technology, that enables a virtual client to try our
products, even without physically having them on-hand. Leading to the International Women in
Technology recognizing our amazing and sustainable technology and earning us the honour of
a formal invitation to the prestigious Silicon Valley, San Francisco, USA, to meet with other
entrepreneurs, potential investors and venture capitalists! We were also invited for the Forbes 30 Under 30 Awards; as well as to Audition for Dragon's Den!

Dare to be Stylish, Timeless and Classic? We have got you covered! We want to see you wear,
glow and shine using LuMi Cosmetics! Let’s shine together!


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