Dung A Yaad Trading and Services

Dung A Yaad loosely translates to “At home” in the Jamaican dialect. Our goal is to facilitate a sense of belonging and nostalgia within the Afro-Caribbean community as well as the wider communities in which we exist. We are not a grocery store, a market or a delivery service; we are conveyors of a unique experience, synonymous with flavor, rhythm, culture, pride, excellence and positivity. 

 As importers, distributors and retailers of the highest quality and the most authentic products out of the Caribbean direct to our partner resellers and loyal base of consumers, we constantly strive to ensure an authentic experience and vibe everytime. We draw from our ancestors' use of traditional herbal remedies and aromatics for healing and beauty in our Jill & Will line of personal care products and have incorporated our passion for art, community development, wellbeing and cultural expressions in all faucets of our operations. This is evident whenever you connect with our team, food products, art, personal care or novelty items.  

 We cannot wait to share our passion with you as we serve you on the shores of Victoria to the edges of the Okanagans and all the communities in between.  



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