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If you have a dry scalp and your hair routine takes too long to moisturize, or if you have a protective hairstyle that doesn’t allow access to all strands, this moisturizing hair spray is the perfect solution.


Formerly called NI, our hydrating hair spray is a simple solution for those looking to hydrate their hair, especially for those who don’t have time for a full routine. This easy formula detangles hair and naturally hydrates it. It is also ideal for locs, protective hairstyles and braids. It leaves no sticky residue and provides all hair styles with the moisture they need.

Key Benefits

    • Moisturizes hair in just a few sprays
    • Formula based on natural ingredients such as broccoli, oat and nettle oil
    • Helps detangle hair
    • Penetrates easily and effortlessly
    • Moisturizes and seals in moisture while leaving hair with a soft, refreshing fragrance
    • Ideal for locs and protective hairstyles
    • Lightweight texture that leaves no greasy residue


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