ANYTRAH’s Gem Jars of Joy


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Gem.Jars.Of.Joy are stylish containers that have a little plant inside but on the outside, it’s a blast of colour and sparkles. Each of these Gem.Jars.Of.Joy are unique, specially designed by Anytrah and include everything you need to grow your choice of chives or flowers. They’re small enough to place anywhere you’d like to add some JOY (and with a velcro bottom can be affixed to any surface and removed) – stick them on a busy desk, beside your bed or even in your car and know they won’t get lost or topple over. Once you start growing your plant, use the cap as a beautiful, sparkly magnet and add some fun to your fridge or other metal surfaces. Gem.Jars.Of.Joy are only $5 each or two for $8 with a portion of proceeds going to support the Surrey Food Bank.

PICK UP: From the BBABC Surrey Office

After the Kids Marketplace sale has ended on March 31, 2022, customers will be emailed a pick up date to collect their orders.

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