Common Mistakes People Make With Their Business Plans

Business planning is crucial for entrepreneurs; they need to have a solid one in place from the get-go.

It helps them focus on specific steps they need to take to succeed. Moreover, it helps them achieve both their short-term and long-term objectives. A good business plan helps entrepreneurs accomplish a whole lot in the most organized way possible.

Here are some of the common mistakes people make with their business plans that should be avoided:

THE MISTAKE: An Undefined Target Audience

No business will appeal to everyone. A business plan requires you to clearly define your unique target market, the assumptions you have made based on that market, and the specific marketing techniques you will use to target those consumers.

THE MISTAKE: Bad Research

It’s important to take one step above doing a whole lot of research. Double-checking and really separating facts from fake data will go a long way. Sometimes, data that is correct might actually end up outdated which means it’s not helpful.

THE MISTAKE: Financial Projections That Aren’t Realistic

People in Canada may be familiar with the businesses that appear on the CBC television show Dragons’ Den. Business owners pitch their ideas to wealthy, self-made investors, and of all of them, we remember the people who grossly exaggerated the business value of their company.

That’s one of the biggest mistakes when it comes to business plans. Investors and lenders alike want a realistic view of the business at present and its goals. An overly positive plan with projections that cannot be realistically justified will raise more red flags than green lights.

THE MISTAKE: Hiding Weak Points

Don’t hide the weaknesses, but don’t focus on them either. Every business has its low points that can use more work. However, focusing too much on them will turn off investors. It’s important to strike a balance and focus more on points such as how the weak points will be addressed over time.

THE MISTAKE: Overlooking the Competition

No matter how unique a business idea is, the competition is likely not too far behind. Even if the business is one of a kind, the need for it still exists. That means somebody else would capitalize on it if they could. So when creating a business plan, taking the competition into account should not be missed out on.

THE MISTAKE: Too Much Hype

Making ostentatious claims will only do more harm than good. Business plans are definitely not the place to “fake it until you make it.” Giving a business idea too much hype, including overuse of “hottest,” “greatest,” and other superlatives does not give the product or service any real substance.

THE MISTAKE: Too Much Information

Investors generally have a dozen things they want to see in a business plan. Everything else in between or after is fluff. It’s key to focus on the important points of the business. Being concise will go a long way in getting the message across.


Business plans are a vital part of any endeavour, no matter the industry. It plays a crucial role in bringing in more investors. Common mistakes people make include too much hype, overlooking the competition and hiding weak points.

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