Top 3 Ways How Black-Owned Businesses Can Boost Online Visibility

Developing wealth and opportunities is a year-round endeavour when you’re an entrepreneur.

Although Black History Month occurs once a year, as an entrepreneur, producing wealth and creating opportunities is a year-round endeavour.

We went through and came up with a brief checklist for Black-owned businesses looking to boost their internet presence.

You’re on the right track if you’re already doing these things. Consider this three-step checklist extra fuel for your fire if you’re not quite there yet and where to find a Black-owned business portal.

Include the Google and Yelp Badges for Black-Owned Businesses

Google My Business is a free service that allows business owners to build and update their Google Business Profile easily.

The “Black-owned business badge” is a new feature they recently announced.

It works in a few different ways:

  • Anyone looking on Google for Black-owned businesses in their area can find them.
  • When you search for a specific sort of business (for example, a restaurant, book store, or online beauty supply store), the list will contain a badge for Black businesses in Montreal.

Both tools make it easier to identify and support Black businesses of all types, and the badge is simple to add to your Google Business page.

Go to, find the “Info” area, and change your information. You can also specify if you are a women-led or veteran-led organization.

A similar badge option is available on the Yelp platform, and you can establish or update a basic profile in minutes.

Look for Search and Promotional Highlight Possibilities in Online Markets

Another suggestion is to use existing platforms’ search and promotional highlight features.

Anyone who runs an online store on Etsy can join communities, such as Black-Owned Etsy Shops, which has over 6,900 followers and 3,000 shop owners. Searchable tags like Black-Owned Business help online shoppers find what they’re looking for.

Amazon features badges that allow sellers to add and display their certification as a minority-owned business and a section exhibiting Black-owned small enterprises.

Participate in Discussion Groups, Forums, and Communities 

A lot of things happen these days in internet groups. They can be an excellent way to ensure that your company gets seen, but not all of them are created equal.

Facebook groups, Reddit forums, and Slack groups are all popular options. Keep an eye out for:

  • Participation – are people conversing, engaged, sharing, and learning together? Groups primarily concerned with the promotion may not be a good fit.
  • Alignment – does the group or forum have a core goal or mission (formal or informal)? Is it consistent with your values and vision? It’s acceptable to try out a group and realize it’s not for you.
  • Who is publishing, sharing, and initiating conversations? Do they correspond to the clients you already have or those you want to attract? It’s preferable to have a smaller group with a more relevant audience than a larger one with little interest in what you do.

Pro tip: As the right conversations arise, joining and interacting in groups and online communities is also a terrific method to re-share any content you may already be making for your company. Also, keep an eye on Foundation Marketing, as their team often releases tips and tactics for using the “art of the remix.”


These are just a few ideas for increasing your company’s internet visibility, but there are plenty more. The most important thing to understand regarding marketing and internet visibility is that it’s a test. Because that’s where the magic happens, your goal should be to identify visibility suggestions that reinforce each other while reaching those already looking for you.

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