Uncovering Funding and Financial Resources for Black-Owned Businesses in Canada


For many entrepreneurs, securing adequate funding and financial resources is a critical aspect of achieving success in their business endeavours. Black-owned small businesses in Canada often face unique challenges in this regard, requiring tailored solutions to access and leverage the funding landscape effectively. As a platform dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses through education, […]

Scaling Your Black-Owned Business: Best Practices for Canadian Entrepreneurs

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Growth and scalability are often at the forefront of a small business owner’s priorities, especially for those within Canada’s underserved Black entrepreneur community. To profitably scale your venture and achieve long-term success, it’s crucial to adopt best practices that will strengthen your foundation and foster ongoing development.  By embracing strategic opportunities and leveraging the powerful […]

Boost Your Black-Owned Business’s Online Presence in Canada: Strategies for Success

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As a Black entrepreneur in Canada, crafting a memorable online presence for your business is more crucial than ever. Amid a digital landscape full of potential opportunities, the online arena has become the primary battleground for attracting and retaining customers. However, building a solid virtual presence requires a strategic approach, cohesive branding, and targeted digital […]

Winning Customers: Top Strategies for Black Entrepreneurs in Canada

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Gaining and retaining customer loyalty is a critical component of success for any business, especially in today’s competitive landscape. Black entrepreneurs in Canada must focus on building lasting relationships with their customers while fostering brand loyalty to set their ventures apart. In this blog post, discover expert strategies designed to help your business create meaningful […]

Supporting Black-Owned Businesses: Simple Ways to Make a Difference

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As individuals, we have the power to make a difference with our everyday choices. One impactful way to support diversity and equality is to make a conscious effort to support Black-owned businesses.  When you buy from a Black-owned business, you are not only supporting an individual entrepreneur but also contributing to the economic growth of […]

Canadian Cannabis Biz: Hurdles for Black & Indigenous Firms


A new report shows that 84% of Canada’s cannabis industry leaders are white, while black entrepreneurs face systemic barriers in trying to enter the industry. Who Is HRVSTR? Siblings Ashley and Michael Athill established HRVSTR, a new Black-owned craft cannabis cultivator, and have set up their cultivation facility since May 2019. However, they couldn’t cultivate […]

Different Ways You Can Support Black-Owned Businesses

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The Black community has contributed to the growth and development of various industries, but Black-owned businesses still face barriers to success. One of the ways we can support the Black community is by supporting Black-owned businesses. Supporting these businesses can help create a more inclusive economy and promote diversity in the marketplace. Shop at Black-Owned […]

9 Reasons Why Directory Listings Are Good for Your Business

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Establishing a solid internet presence is crucial for companies in the modern era. Having your company listed in relevant web directories is a great first step in this direction. In such a case, your company’s name, address, phone number, website, and other pertinent information should all be included in a directory entry. That said, below […]

How to Drive Sales with Directory and Booking Listings


The rise of e-commerce and online business in recent years has made it crucial for businesses to have an online presence. As more and more consumers turn to the digital world to find products and services, businesses need to be visible and easily accessible. One effective way to achieve this is by utilizing directories and […]

7 Key Impacts of Leadership Development on Strategic Planning

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Leadership development is vital for any organization to succeed in the long run. It is the process of enhancing individuals’ leadership skills and abilities within an organization. This program significantly impacts strategic planning and is essential for the growth and success of any organization.  This article will discuss the seven key impacts of leadership development […]